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Monday, August 18, 2014

Frankenstein Sweater for Pup

Frankenstein Sweater for Pup

I made this pattern because although the Frankenstein Cowl for Pup is adorable its not very warm, and where we are it gets cold on Halloween. When I was a kid we had to wear our snowsuits under our costumes it got so cold and snowy. So we all looked like the state puff marshmallow man trying to wear a costume lol. I even remember getting around on a sled! So for Pup I defiantly needed to make something warmer then the cowl so I used the same look but turned it into a sweater this time so pup can stay nice and warm all night long. 

This paid pattern can be found online at my Ravelry Store or Craftsy, hope you enjoy and happy hooking! 

Will Need/Need to Know
  • I hook
  • G hook
  • Caron Simply soft in green (I use pistachio), black, and gray
  • needle to sew in ends and make stitches
  • 1st chain(s) do not count a 1st stitch
  • don not turn unless stated
  • [ ] repeat instructions inside [ ]
  • magic circle can be replaced with a chain 2, and then crocheting into the 2nd chain from the hook
  • sizes may very from every day pet stores please measure your pup and make accordingly
  • sizes are XXS(XS,S,M,L) and appear in pattern as so
  • finished measurements are 9in(10,12,14,16) for neck, 12in(13,15,17,19) for tummy, and 9in(10,12,15,16) for length

in double crochet 8 stitches X 4 rows = 2in
  1. ch 10, dc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across, turn (8dc)
  2. ch 2, dc in each st across, turn (8dc)
  • repeat row 2, 2 more times, tie off
  • you now have a 2in X 2in square

ch- chain
sp(s)- space(s)
st(s)- stiche(s)
sk(ed)- skip(ed)
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
dc- double crochet
sc dec- single crochet decrease
FLO- front loop only- if you see this at the beginning of a row work that row in FLO

BLO- back loop only- if you see this at the beginning of a row work that row in BLO

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