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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BarkBox UnBoxing May 2015

We got our May 2015 box in today, and we are going to share with you what we got. For those of you who read last months unboxing post you know Anca is going to go through it first and tell you what she thinks. When she is done I'll give my breakdown/reveiw and an itemized list of what we revived. Oh and there is a Coupon code at the bottom too! So lets dig in ! Once again we got box size size just right 20-50 lbs.

1st we got this awesome bouquet of flower toy. 2 are crinkly and 2 are squeaky with crinkly stems. Better yet when you take the “paper” off it splits into 4 different flowers to play with! So you can share with your friend or fur sister!..... or not ….
and isn't the “paper” just adorable!

2nd we got this stretchy, bouncy, floaty tug toy! I don't even need words to tell you how much I love this toy you can tell by my face!

3rd we got these awesome salmon and veggie treats. These are delish and I love them.

And Last we got a turkey chew, and I loved this too. I say loved because I have already polished it off and searched the entire house to make sure there was no crumbs left over. Barkbox was defiantly telling the truth with there little comic inside the box. Well that's it I'm done. I love everything again! Now you can hear from mom.

Now I am going to tell you my honest opinion on each item. Tell you a bit about them, and how much they cost. Hope you enjoyed Anca's Barkbox adventure this month!

Barkmaid Flowers Bouquet
These are just great all around. Every flower is different and fun. Even the wrapping (paper) holding the flowers together is just awesome and detailed. 2 that make crinkle noises and 2 that have squeakers inside held together by a velcro newspaper. Its really 4 toys in one, and I couldn't be happier with it.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Tug Toy
Now time will only tell the true durability of this toy it seems to be to me so far,and it says “tough as your dog”. Its very flexible, stretchy and it floats. We took Anca outside to play with it right away and she loved it. She would not give it up even after we got back inside.

Plato Pet Treats Farmers Market
Okay this treat stinks so don't smell it like I did haha... But Anca and Gizmo (the chihuahua) loved these! The 1st ingredient is salmon, and the next 10 are all veggies! How much better then that can you get. Very happy just wish there was more in the bag.

Etta Says Turkey Chew
Now I do wish the chews would last longer they have been high in quality. This all turkey chew is packed high in protein. It doesn't have any coloring, preservatives, or artificial fillers. Anca loved it, and the chihuahua got a taste. She liked it so much she stole a chunk. So that was a winner here.

Thank you for reading this months post! If your interested in bark box you may be interested in getting a free month/1 free barkbox with you subscription to at least 1 month of barkbox ! Using my link not only gives you a free barkbox it gives Anca one too! So we share the barkbox love! CLICK HERE for my link to bark box or use this code L25WGZAQLC 

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