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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NerdBock Jr. Unboxing Oct. 2015

October NerdBlock Jr. Boy's Unboxing 2015

NerdBlock Jr. is a monthly subscription box. With shipping it costs about $20. Get your own HERE!!! Okay so lets get this thing open !

First off we have this adorable rubiks cube stress ball cube. We really enjoy this item, and I would guestimate its value at $5.

Next we have a Slimer plush from the Ghost Busters movie. He is super awesome and the 2nd best thing in this box. I was really excited he was included as he was in a classic NerdBlock that we missed out on. I guestimate his value at $10-$15.

Then we have this cool sandwich holder that would be great for any jr. geek/nerd's lunch box. I valued this at $2-$3.

We also got some Guardians of the Galaxy nesting dolls. These are fun and bring me back to my childhood when I would get in trouble for playing with my Grandma's.  I guestimate there value at $5.

Okay and last is this awesome Pan book mark with some of the original film inside ! Now I think this is the coolest item in the box (I don't think is my son's though) as it will be an amazing collection piece. I cant put a value on something this awesome, but it defiantly made the box worth it in my opinion. Well that's it until next time ! 

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