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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bark Box the UnBoxing April 2015

Bark Box Unboxing !

Okay ! Lets start. We are going to let Bianca (Anca) open and check everything out first. Then at the end I will let you know my thoughts and an itemized list. Hope you enjoy ! Oh and there is a Coupon code at the bottom too!

Opening the Box

Lets dig right in ! We ordered the box for size just right 20-50 lbs.

First we checked out the toys. There was a ball rope thing. It was ok. I’ll pry play with it latter. But this crinkly squeaky thing is awesome!

Second we checked out the treats. I gave them the sniff test and the little heart crunchy's smelled so good I didn't wait for mom. I took my own. Mom had to help me with the the other ones. They were pretty good too.

Last there was a chew! I love love love chew's!

So there you have it. I Anca love it all ! Now you can hear from mom...

Okay so here is my thoughts on bark box. The box size we picked was Just right for 20-50 lbs (you can change this latter on to bigger size). The treats were awesome. All gluten free and they smelled so good you wanted to eat them ! The toys are great both made in the US. The tug and pull rope ball is made out 100% cotton and earth friendly dyes. It also can go right in the washer when its dirty. Okay the chew. The chew was a 100% natural salmon skin. Anca loved it.... It said hours of chewing ….. well Anca had this thing gone I mean gone in an hour. So I will be doing some research on how healthy it was for her to eat that all in one go before I decide if I’m reordering it.

Here is the list of each item and what each item is worth

Harry Barker Tug & Toss (rope ball tug) - $8.00

Pet Qwerks Pawpcorn (popcorn crinkle squeaker) - $10.00

Healthy Dogma Bacon Hearts (treats) - $8.00

Your Dog's Diner Pizza Pawty Crust (treats) - $7.00

Aussie Naturals Salmon Half Cigar (chew) - $5.00

So all in all I'm very happy with bark box. I love that I can change my subscriptions if I need to. It is specific to my dog and her age and weight.
So if you thinking about checking it out I'm leaving the link below. Also if you decided to try bark box please order through the link I provided and help me help you help me lol. What I mean by that is if any of my friends sign up for bar box using my referral code L25WGZAQLC we both get one free bark box ! How cool is that I didn't even know about that when I signed up ! So ok heres the link.

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