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Monday, June 15, 2015

Unboxing June 2015 BarkBox

BarkBox Unboxing June 2015

As always we will let Anca dig into everything, and tell you what she thinks. Then at the bottom I will give my opinion on each item and tell you how much they are worth. Also at the bottom I will include a Coupon Code you can use to get your pup a FREE month of BarkBox with any subscription. It also gives Anca another month of BarkBox too, so we both reap the benefits. Win-Win !

Lets let Anca dig in !
Toys! I Love Toys! First we have a squeaky heavy duty feeling Muscle Man. He's pretty cool, and I like his feet a lot. He also seems bouncy, but this other one smells sooo much better! The second toy is a diamond plate ball. It smells of yummy yummy mint. It bounces and floats in my pool, and sometimes a treat falls out!

Next in the box is this crunchy duck dog candy bat thing ! Its yummy, and seems to be long lasting.

Last we have some very yum stuff. These yummy tiny peanut butter treats, mom says there for training. Like you have to train perfection HA ! Then we have this way yummy I had to eat it until it was gone Piggy Twizzzie. Its Amazing! I loved my BarkBox this June, and my toys should last a long long time.  

For those of you who scroll to the bottom just for the coupon code for the FREE moth of BarkBox I'll get that out of the way first. CLICK HERE for a direct link to BarkBox with the coupon code embedded in the link, or use this coupon code at check out L25WGZAQLC .
Ok now for everything else. I'll got in the same order Anca did. First is The JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz retailing at $5. Its super durable, and squeaky. With some big muscles. Second we hace the Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball. Its minty smelling, extra durable, bouncy, floats, and has a treat spot. This one is my favorite out two toys, but they are both pretty darn awesome. Third is the Etta Says Crunchy Duck and Sweet Potato Bar. It looks like a candy bar and Anca really wanted it. However this treat has some rawhide in it. So I will not reorder this item, and will be extremely careful letting Anca chew on this to make sure she either one does not ingest any of it or only tiny tiny amounts at a time. So this one is going to last forever. Okay Fourth we have the Bixbi Peanut Butter Pocket Trainers. These tiny training treats are awesome and will be put to good use. They are grain free and are 4 calories per treat. They are also made with blueberries and cranberries for anti-oxidant support. Last is the Emerald Pet Piggy Twizzies. Not sure why its called Twizzies as there is only one, but then what do I know. Anyway this treat is awesome even though she munched it all down in one sitting. It was gluten soy, grain and dairy free, and full of protein. So I think we did pretty good this month and I'm really happy with it. Can't wait until next month! Hope you enjoyed our June BarkBox adventure with us.

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