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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hugs Chillz Cooling Dog Pad Review

Hugs Chillz Cooling Pad Review
So this purchases was made because we live in Minnesota. It gets really hot and muggy here in the summer time. So knowing bully's are not made for the heat we went on a search to help our bully stay cool. This mat is what we ended up buying as it seemed to be the best product at price that didn't break the bank. I got this online from for $35.99 ! A steal for the size I got! We got size large by the way. It measures 36” x 20” . Also after a month of use I will come back and update this to let you all know how it is holding up or held up. Okay now lets take a close look.

This is what the front and back of the box looks like. It says this about the Hugs Chillz cooling pad.
  • non-toxic
  • no need to freeze or chill
  • cool gel keeps pets comfy
  • pressure-activated
  • puncture-resistant
  • folds up for storage
  • durable
  • use indoors, outdoors, and for travel on the go
  • its keeps your pets cool by creating a lower temperature then their body temperature
  • can be soothing for pets with joint pain
Some close ups of the box it came in.

Here is what it looked like right out of the box on the top left. Top right is a close up of the emblem/logo. Bottom right is what it looks like laid out in my bully's crate. Bottom left is what it looks like folded in half.
I think when we go on car trips we will bring this along it will fit folded in half perfectly on one seat. Not sure if we will use it in the crate as our bedroom is in the basement and stays nice and cool for our Bully, but I plan on using this outside alot! Now lets see what our Bully Anca thought!

Anca wasn't sure of it at first when it was inside the house. So we put it outside and did some playing. After all that running around it was her new best friend ! I did have to test this out myself as well and sat on it and yes it makes your bum chilly ! No water, no freezing, no recharging, no work ! If it seems to no longer to be cool just move your pet off for a few min and the gel will recharge itself !

I have to say so far I'm pretty impressed with this item. I mean even the packing was just adorable. Little packing bones instead of peanuts ! They were even 100% recyclable and biodegradable !

How did it hold up months after use ? Well I bought this item in June, and I just put it away for the winter months ahead as its now November. It's still in perfect condition, and works great. It was super easy to keep clean with just a good wipe down, and put away nice for storage. Over all we are very very happy with this.

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