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Friday, August 21, 2015

MGG Mash-up 3.0 Unboxing August 2015

MGG Mash-up 3.0 Unboxing
This is August 2015 My Geeky Goodies Mystery Mash up Unboxing. This mystery box cost $30. You can see where I got it and My Geeky Goodies other items HERE. So lets open this puppy up!
At first glance this box looks awesome !
Fist we have my favorite item. A Bmo Funko Pop. This is just awesome, and if your into adventure time this is a must have!
My second favorite item is the Batman Dorbz. He is super cute and a great item for any Batman fan.
Next we got some extra adorable Domo playing cards, and I will be using these. We also got some Words with Zombies magnets. I love these and they are already on my fridge next to my Monty Python words magnets (from NerdBlock). I imagine I will have some fun mix and matching the two.
Then we have a Heros of the Storm blind box. Now the only reason this didn't make it higher on my like list is I don't play the game, but this is a bada$$ little figure.
Last we have a Masters of the Universe plush. Its Heman's Battle Cat. Now I don't really care for him but he still is on his own level of awesomeness, and I am sure I can find a family member to give him a loving home. Haha.
That's it ! Everything we got. I was really impressed with this box. I would give it a 9 out of 10, and will differently order from them again. 

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