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Monday, August 17, 2015

Paw's & Play July 2015 Unboxing

Paw's & Play Unboxing July 2015
Paw's & Play is a monthly pet subscription box for around $20 a month. Paw's & Play were nice enough to send us the box for our honest review. They gave us the standard membership box for medium dog breed dog. Now before we go into what we got I do need to say I did tell them that miss Anca the Bulldog is a power chewer, so durable toys are a must in my household. So lets see whats in the box!
For the number of items this box is really awesome. 4 toys, a bag of treats, a chew, and one tiny sample treat. 6 full sized items that's a good haul for a box in my opinion, and I get a lot of boxes. Now lets take them out of the box and check them out

Okay so here is what I think of the items. Treats we are very happy with. They are healthy grain free can't go wrong with those. The chew was awesome and Anca loved it.
They toys... now these were a bit lacking I think. All though super cute the burger and fries would be destroyed in under a day by Anca. The ball lasted a bit longer just because she likes balls. The no stuffing squeaky will last nothing wrong with that other then the fact we already own 5.
So if you have a power chewer like me this may not be the box for you, but if you don't have power chewers your dogs will love this box. Hope my review helped you and you found it helpful and honest.

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