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Saturday, September 19, 2015

NerdBlock Jr.Girls Unboxing September 2015

Girls Jr. NerdBlock Unboxing September 2015

September 2015 Jr. Girls NerdBlock. This box costs about $15, and you can either choose girls or boys, although they don't differ very much at all, This month the only thing different between boxes was the stickers. Get your own HERE! Okay lets get started !

 First we have a Monsters Inc. Mike ty ball plush. He is super cute and we like him alot.

  Next we have a pocket Funko Pop and its Olaf from Frozen. Olaf and Funko Pop's are a family favorite so of course we like this item.

 Now our Favorite item this box was this little guy. He is an Elektrokidz, and it's hair dances to your favorite beat. So I have not seen these before but it must be some kind of trolls doll. Its super awesome. My grandmother used to collect trolls when I was little. So this was an awesome new version of my past, and I'm actually kinda sad this is my daughters box and I don't get to keep him.

Here is a Video of him in action. Pretty cool.

 Then we got some 3D My Little Pony stickers, and they are some really nice stickers.

Last we got this book. The Squickerwonkers by Evangeline Lilly. Illustrated by Johnny Fraser-Allen. Its a beautiful paper back picture book.

So all in all we are really happy with this box. Its the best Jr. NerdBlock we have gotten yet !

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