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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super-Who-Lock Unboxing Sep 2015

 Unboxing Super-Who-Lock Sep. 2015
Super-Who-Lock (Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock) is the theme for this months CollectableGeek subscription box. They had the regular cash for around $25 and the deluxe cash for around $60. This unboxing is the regular cash. To see a deluxe unboxing please visit my friends at Total Mail Call HERE. Lets dig in!
First off is my favorite item in the box the t-shirt. It mashes all 3 shows beautifully and I love it. Seems like it will be comfortable, and its well made.
Then my 2nd favorite items. Mystery mini's! I love mystery mini's. We got a Supernatural one and a Doctor Who one. I got Charlie out of Supernatural. I love Charlie so I was happy with her. Out of the Doctor Who one I got the 10th Doctor or Tennet in his jam jams. Of course I love him as well.
Next I got a Sherlock magnet. Its cool. It will go on my fridge.
Last we got these mini posters. They are cool and all but I do not know what I will do with them. That's it that's the box. I wish there had been a large item, but they are making changes to the cashes to make that happen so I am pretty happy about that. Also I am kicking myself for not getting the deluxe cash as the extra items in there were totally awesome!
Had I gotten the deluxe cash all you see in that picture above would have been in the box as well. So yeah hope you enjoyed !

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