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Friday, July 18, 2014

Crochet Aizen The Kitty Applique

Aizen the Kitty Applique
I made this little kitty applique after my not so little kitty (anymore) Aizen. I figured I make so much for my chihuahuas that my kitty deserved something too, but unlike my chihuahuas he hates sweaters. He hates them so much the one time I did try and put him in one he kept falling over and refused to walk, stand up, or just plain would not move at all. So needless to say it lasted maybe 2 minuets. No sweaters for my kitty. I thought this applique was a great idea and I could just sew it on to one of the blankets he loves so much. Next time maybe ill try making him a stuffy he likes those too.
So this pattern using a G hook and caron simply soft makes a great small soft applique you can sew on to anything. Really anything hats, mittens, scarfs, blankets, and so many more. The sky is really the limit with this cute applique. Hope you enjoy!
Aizen as a baby isn't he a cutie
Will Need/Need to Know
  • G hook
  • caron simply soft yarn color of your choice
  • needle to sew on face, and in ends
  • magic circle can be replaced with, chain 2, and continuing the pattern by crocheting into the 2nd chain from the hook
  • starting chain does not count as 1st stitch
  • [ ] repeat whats inside
  • * * repeat whats inside when told repeat * *

ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
st(s)- stitch(s)
sl st- slip stitch
sc dec- single crochet decrease
sk- skip

  1. make magic circle, ch 1, 8 sc inside circle, pull tight, join in 1st sc (8sc)
  2. ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join in 1st sc (16sc)
  3. ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next st, [2sc in next st, 1 sc in next] repeat around, join in 1st sc (24sc) ,optional: for different color ears change color
  4. Ears, *ch 4, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next st, dc in last st, sk st we chained from and next st, sl st into next st*, sl st over the next 3 sts in top of head (or if your using a diff color tie off and reconnect yarn in 3rd st from ear in top of head), repeat * *, tie off

  1. make a magic circle, [2 hdc in magic circle, 2 dc in magic circle] repeat 1more time, pull tight, join in 1st hdc (4hdc, 4dc)
  2. ch 1, 2 hdc in 1st st, 2 hdc in next st, *2 dc in each of the next 2 sts*, 2 hdc in each of the next 2 sts, repeat * *, join in the 1st hdc (8hdc, 8dc)
  3. ch 1, 2 hdc in 1st st, 1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in next st, *[2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st] repeat one more time*, [2 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in next st] repeat 1 more time, repeat * *, join in 1st hdc (12hdc, 12dc), do not tie off (or if you want diff color tail change color)
  4. tail, ch 13, sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc in each of the next 2 sts, 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts, [sc dec across next 2 sts] repeat 1 more time, 1 sc in each of the last 2 sts, in body sk next st and sl st back into the next st of body, tie off, sew in ends, sew head to body, and sew on a face if you want to

now you kitty applique is ready to be sewed on to anything you want! Hope you like him as much as I do :).
the big kitty Aizen is today :)

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