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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Glamour Skull Slipper Pattern Review

Glamour Skull Slipper Pattern Review
This pattern is by Glamour 4 You and can be found on Ravelry HERE. The price is $4.99. I however was lucky enough to get this pattern at a sale price with a coupon code a while ago. This is the mens sized pattern but it also comes in women and child sizes too. Now before we go into the review I want to point out mine do not look as cool as the designers pair because my customer wanted them all in one color, and they also wanted it lose at the ankles so I skipped the last row as well.
So lets get into it! This pattern gives you lots of size choices from 5/6 to 13/14. It has a double sole, so its extra cozy and comfortable. This pattern has nice details in it and the skull looks really good. It's easy to read and understand. It has all the info you could need and more. It even has picture tutorials. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this pattern and am very please with it. I will be make this again some day. A great pattern that you really get your money's worth out of especially I you regularly make items to sell. Well that's it I hope you enjoyed my review !

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