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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NerdBlock Unboxing July 2015

July 2015 NerdBlock Unboxing
NerdBlock is a montly subscription box for nerdy and geeky things and its about $29 a month with shipping. Get your own NerdBlock HERE. So lets open this box.
First we have a G.I. Joe Cobra T. While this looks cool I am not a huge fan of G.I. Joe.
Then we have a Spike Titian from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now I do kinda like him. He fits in with my bad guy collectables, and I did used to watch Buffy as a kid.
Third we have this adorable little Iron Man Funko Pop key chain. I really like this and it will either go in my car or on my keys.
We also got this little Transformers cell charm. Now I do like Transformers, but this cell charm is lacking.
Next is this Mad Max comic. Not a huge fan of Max, but this comic looks really nice and I'll read it at least once.
Then more Ghost Busters. A paper wallet.... I like Ghost Busters as well as the next guy but NerdBlock is also including anther Ghost Busters item in next months block, as well as having the Ecto 1 in a previous Block, plus it was in vinyl palooza so Ghost Busters is really feeling over done. So next month we will not be unboxing another classic NerdBlock. Instead we will be doing Horror Block. I'm really looking forward to next month! Hope you are too!

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