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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TomBox UnBoxing

Unboxing TimeOfMonth or TOMbox
TomBox is a monthly subscription box for ladies. For that certain time of the month. To give you supply's you need, and some beauty products. To help make that time not so horrible, and help you feel beautiful in a time you may not feel oh so hot. Its $16 a month but well worth it as you get at least double your moneys worth or more! So lets get into it ! The picture about shows you what it looks like when it arrives and when you first open it up. Order TomBox HERE
It didn't look like to much when I first opened it, but I was really nicely surprised at the goodies inside. Fist is the box of tampon I knew I was getting. They have a wide variety of brands and kinds you can choose from. You can pick pads too if that's more for you.
Then in the nice little fax velvet bag was this really cute anklet ! It has some fish, a key and some cute little flower charms hanging from hearts. I really like it but as I have tiny ankles I'm going to have to alter it a bit, but I didn't expect expensive jewelry in a $16 box.
Next we have a very nice full sized make-up brush. Its super soft and I will differently be using this ! Now lets open the little pink box that what in the big box.
Score they are all full sized beauty products ! We have a Maybelline nail lacquer that goes for $3.99 a bottle on Maybellines website. Then there is Tattooed water prof felt pen eye liner by Skone, and that retails on Skone's website for $15. That's almost the price of the box itself ! Last in the pink box was some pink trophy wife lip crayon by Be a Bombshell. That retails on Be a Bomshell's site for $16 ! So I really feel I got my $$ worth our of this box. Especially for it being my 1st box for only $8. You differently want to get this box at least once if your looking to upgrade your make-up bag or just get a boost during that ugly time of the month !
Here is what the make-up and lacquer look like on skin ad nails. Really loving the blue lacquer.
That's it. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got as much as I did getting it !

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