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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jr. NerdBlock Unboxing Boys July 2015

NerdBlock Jr Boys Unboxing July 2015
Jr. NerdBlock Unboxing July 2015. Nerd Blocks Jr. boxes are about $20 a month and you can choice girls or boys. Get your own box HERE. My daughter choice this box for herself as a birthday present as got 3 month. So lets unbox this box.
She got 2 little toy figures. One Bot blind box, she got the spray paint bot. These are all extra cute. Then she got a Skylanders figure.... neither of us really know what that is but it looks cool.
Then she got a book and a magazine. The book looks good and is from the best sellers list. I really like that they included a book. The magazine looks like a great one for kids, and it has games inside as well.
She got this foam 3D Vader. Its really cool looking, but was a pain to put together, she couldn't have done it on her own.
Last she got a box of Ninja Turtle tattoo's and one bonus sticker sheet. She gave these to her brothers. Well that's it I hope you found this helpful !

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