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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nerd Block Unboxing June 2015

NerdBlock Unboxing
This is June 2015's box. Theme British Invasion. Cost $19.99 + shipping. With shipping this is a $30 box, and they say you get $60 worth of items. Each box contains 4-6 items + t-shirt, and the cost is about $30. You can get your own block HERE at NerdBlock. So lets unbox this baby.
In this box we got a Mr. Bean bendy doll, exclusive Doctor Who 10th Doctor titan figure, Mr. Bean's teddy plush doll, Doctor Who poster card deal, and Monty Python magnets. I have to say I love love love this box just with these items alone. The Doctor Who stuff is amazing. I adore the Monty Python magnets with all the pre made sayings, and of course you can rearrange them to make your own. These went on my fridge immediately. Now for the shirt.
A Sherlock shirt ! This is such a cool shirt and I will be wearing it all the time. It was really awesome to have two of my favorite fandoms in one box ! Well that's is I hope you enjoyed !

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