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Monday, July 13, 2015

Vinyl Palooza Unboxing/ Possible Giveaway ???

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Vinyl Palooza UnBoxing
Okay so Vinyl Palooza is a mystery box from NerdBlock. It is not a subscription box, just a one time limited deal they do every once in awhile. Cost was about $30, and you had a chance to receive a golden ticket box, and in that case you would have gotten 4 funko pops instead of one funko pop and 3 other vinyl figures. As you can tell I did not get a golden ticket box *tear, but that's okay. So lets get more into this thing! You can learn more about NerdBlock or order your own HERE!
Here is all four figures all together. Now lets take a closer look at what I got.
We will start with my favorite one. The Ghost Busters Ecto 1 car. This thing is awesome. While its small it has tons of detail. I was hopping for this one if I didn't get the golden ticket box, and I'm very happy I got it. Oh and this one is a NerdBlock exclusive!
Second favorite is one I already had. The 10th Doctor. With his geeky glasses and trusty sonic he is an awesome addition to any nerd collection, and he is a NerdBox exclusive as well. Being I already have one and my sister-in-law is a whovian as well this will be going to her, and I guess we will see if she reads my blog or not. As if she does she will find out she is getting this little gem for her own nerd collection!
Now we have Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. Now Dragon Ball Z is not my favorite but I did watch it when I was a kid before it went all crazy. Personally I think the show just went on to long and it ended up ruining it. Now some of you may hate me for that but this wouldn't be a good review without my honest opinions. Having said that I do like him for the most part and he is very well made.
Last we hace Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, and he is another NerdBlock exclusive. Now I don't care for this one at all. I never got into the show, and its just not my type of thing at all. I don't even think he is nerdy or geeky. I guess he hits some fandom marks for some, but I wish they would have left him out of this box, and given us something more nerdy. The idea to hold a giveaway to ship him off to a new owner has crossed my mind. So if you would be interested in me doing said giveaway for a change to win Saul leave a comment down below ! Hope you enjoyed my unboxing and have a very nerdy day !

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