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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 2015 BarkBox Unboxing

BarkBox Unboxing July 2015
Here is our July 2015 BarkBox unboxing. Get your own BarkBox HERE. We have size 25-50lbs. The Theme for this month is Circus. Lets dig in!
We got 2 toys in this box like normal. First we have a circus elephant. Its extra soft, cute and squeaky. Then we have this Fireman’s hose squeaky tug and toss toy. Anca like's it, but unsure on how it fits the theme.
We got two treats and a chew this month and they are all delish Anca said. First we have BarkMade Chicken Biscuits. Grain free and made here in the U.S.
The second treat is Trail Blazin Bits, beef and liver recipe. These are handmade in Canada it says, and made with only 4 ingredients, beef liver, oat flour, olive, oil and oregano. Anca really enjoys these
Last is the chew, a slow roasted knee beef knee cap. Made here in the U.S. As you can see Anca's Chihuahua sister really showed interest in this a stole it for herself. So both dogs were really happy with this months box. Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got!

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