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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TOMbox Unboxing July 2015

TOMbox Unboxing July 2015
This is a lady's time of the month subscription box. The cost is $10 no flow box (no tampons), $16 for the flow box, and then you can add double the make-up and jewelry for and extra $6. This month I chose the no flow box with double the make-up and jewelry for $16, and I would say its well worth it as you get at least double your moneys worth. You can order your own tomboxhere. Now lets get to the goodies!
All four items pictured above are full sized items! Okay so first we have Cult nail polish in the color laguna, a nice pretty pink color. It retails for $12 on the Cult Cosmetics site. Next to the polish we have a very nice make-up brush, its super soft. I would guess its retail value at $5-$10. I will use this all the time. Then we have Be a Bombshell lip gloss in the color taupeless. Now its not much to look at in the tube but its beautiful on, very happy with this. It retails for $16 on Be a Bombshells site. Next we have some beautiful Hikari blush in the shade of sun-kissed. I love this ! It retails for $15 on Hikari's site.
Now for the little stuff, the samples. First we have a travel pack of make-up remover wipes by La Fresh. You get 8 wipes, its ruffly worth $2. Next is Joanna Vargas daily serum sample. Its a 5 ml sample the full sized bottle is 29.5 ml or 1 oz and sells on amazon for $85. So you can only guess at how much this tiny sample is worth. Last sample is a perfume called Escada Marine Groove. Smells nice not sure if its for me though. Not sure how much is in this tiny bottle but you could probably get a weeks use out of it. You can find this this same sample on fragrancenet for $2.99.
Last the jewelry ! I'm not going to even try to guess what they are worth, and I don't expect much for the jewelry they send you for a $16 box especially when the make-up is so good. So we got a very cute pair of star fish earrings, and a braided leather head band. All in all I am very very happy with this months box and will continue my subscription.
That's it hope you enjoyed it!
And for fun her is a photo of me wearing just make-up from my last two tombox's !

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